Are you able to blossom? …and blossom again?

The brand “Dragoncella” was born from the creative intent of Carlotta Baldazzi, an Italian fashion designer from Milan.
She’s a “daughter of art”; father is a painter and mother opened the very first “temple of Vintage” in Milan in the 70’s.
Her career couldn’t have been different!
The passion for the “silhouette” of the past, a deep knowledge of fabrics and secrets of the “trade”
and most of all a refined aesthetic sense, are all gifts that come straight from her roots, her origin.
In 2004 she decided to try her luck with determination. With only one hundred articles and her courage,
she made her debut in one of the most trend area in Milan, with success.
The use of stretch fabrics, micro-fibres and jersey,
combined with precious silks, allows her to play with lines and colours,
shapes and combinations, being able to enrich and characterize her dresses always with something special and timeless.
She can create mini collections with pieces made in limited edition.
Every dress is unique in its details and expertly cut in order to perfectly fit the wearer.
Dragoncella’s collections are for women that have self-confidence,
that are able to “blossom and blossom again”, that permit life to amaze them,
women with common sense, full of mystery and seduction that are looking for a precise and timeless style.

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